Scenario 1-If you have three test cases and thread count is only 1 then the single thread will execute all test which is of no use. Watch: Cross Browser Testing In Selenium using BrowserStack Batch Execution, Controlled Batch, Test Execution Report and Parallel Execution: Process Execution in TestNG tends to save your time to a great extent while executing Test scripts or suites. This approach of testing is very time-c… => Visit Here To Learn TestNG … In a scenario where we have two versions of software available, and we need to check its stability and compatibility, we can run the two versions simultaneously and find issues at a much faster rate. Until now. features round-robin. Using JUnit, we can execute the Feature files in parallel. Parallel testing or parallel execution, as the name suggests, is a process of running the test case parallelly rather than one after the other. It's really not a feasible approach. Running parallel tests in Cucumber with Serenity BDD has always been tricky. We use the @Parameters notation before the method notation, then add the relevant parameters parenthesis and curly brackets, each parameters is inside the double quotes and we separate them with commas. I'll come with more learning articles soon. -->, , "target/parallel/features/[CUCABLE:FEATURE].feature", "json:target/cucumber-report/[CUCABLE:RUNNER].json", How to add screenshots in Automation test…, How to merge your parallel test cucumber…, How to turn your default cucumber reporting…. I am using the threads and parallel configuration in testng.xml file and using … In Java, you have to create test cases separately and then define the test later in the primary method. Now we need to add the parameters to the java file: We are going to send the MCM parameters to the @BeforeClass, because that’s where we need to create our driver, then we are going to pass the test data to the @TestMethod. With parallel execution we can run the same test on different devices models, to achieve more coverage, or run different tests on the same device models, to cut the execution time and get faster results for specific model. Parallel Execution in cucumber using TestNG by€praveen halhalli TestNG provides an ability to run test classes in parallel. The parallel test execution is different from sequential testing, where we test different modules or functionalities one after the other. in a template -->, , , , , , , , , , , , ,